Email to SMS Poller

Email2SMS Poller is a second (alternative) feature for converting emails to SMS messages. This feature should be used when you need to fetch emails from one existing mailbox on your mail server. The Email2SMS Poller plugin connects to configured email account and polls it in specified periods of time for new emails. Once new email is received, it is automatically converted to an SMS message.

The plugin supports POP3 and IMAP accounts.

To send an SMS using Email2SMS Poller you have to send an email to a specified email account, with the email subject containing a mobile number (or multiple phone numbers separated with a comma) or phonebook contact/group name.


For example, such email message:
SUBJECT: +48333444555
BODY: Hello world!
In this case SMSEagle gateway will fetch an incoming email from account and send it’s body as an SMS message to +48333444555 mobile number.


If you want to send Email2SMS to a contact or group from SMSEagle phonebook, put the contact/group name in  SUBJECT field.


For your convenience “Email To SMS Poller” allows you to add several rules that define what happens with incoming email.

Adding/editing rules

For each rule a user can define:

  • If forwarding should always be sent or only form specified senders/when email contains
  • Specify the incoming email address
  • Specify the text of the message
  • *For multi-modem devices users can also define from which modem the SMS is sent.*

Messages that are processed by Email2SMS Poller (but not deleted) are marked in the mailbox as read. Software is based on flagging messages- Read/Unread. Marking a read message in the mailbox as unread will result in being processed again by Email2SMS Poller.

We suggest using a separate email account to avoid situation with re-sending the same message (marking unread already processed read message).