Using Web-GUI

SMSEagle is a product that combines custom hardware, modern UI and software – all built on the top of first-class opensource solutions. Graphical User Interface of SMSEagle is accessible via web browser of your choice. Web-GUI allows the user to setup the device. It also contains many features for managing SMS operations. Below are some of them, so you can have look and feel of our product.

*The Web-GUI requires a modern web browser with JavaScript support. Older web browsers (like Internet Explorer) are not supported and may not work properly.

Easy to use and intuitive menu

  • Access to all features
  • Responsive – works with different screen sizes (on laptops, tablets, etc.)
  • Collapsible submenu with Folders: Inbox, Outbox, Sent items, Trash

Useful Dashboard

  • Overview of information on sent and received messages
  • Information on current phonebook entries (users and groups)
  • Access to daily statistics of sent/received messages


Easy operation on Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items

  • Intuitive grouping of messages by phone number
  • Tips showing you full content of last message
  • Possibility to move messages to custom folders
  • Trash and Spam folders
  • Sending to single users or groups
  • Message templates while sending a message
  • …and many more

Not convinced yet?

Thanks to an opensource software – used & tested by many users around the world – we can offer you a product that is ready to use right out-of-box. However if you would like to try our Web-GUI more extensively for sending/receiving operations, and you want to be perfectly sure that it meets all your needs, contact us for access to Web-GUI demo.

Web GUI Interface